About Us


Konamed was established in 2016 supplying medical distributors with stainless steel products to the medical industry. In early 2017, we had a call for the supply of point-of-sale displays for the retail outlets from distributors. Together with the desire to expand our service offering, the unique relationships we established over the years prompted us to innovate. With over a decade in the commercial print industry, the evolution to On Point Industries was a natural progression.

On Point Industries now specialises in the supply of stainless-steel products to the medical industry, as well as point of sale displays to the FMCG industry. Every undertaking is made within our deep-seated customer service ethos and meets our quality benchmarks. In serving these industries, our dedication to customer satisfaction has never been stronger and we are continually looking for new ways to enhance and maintain our valued client relationships.

Mission Statement

To form partnerships with our clients by supporting them with technical assistance, service, quality products, and very competitive pricing.

To adapt continuously and change to meet the industry’s demands.

To continuously strive for effective productivity, efficiency, and profitability for ourselves, as well as our clients.

Our Vision

To listen, identify, and fulfil the needs of our customers.

Develop ourselves as a leader in the industry by being honest, efficient, and dedicated to ethical company practices.

Achieve a fair and reasonable profit, assuring our companies’ success.

Building a company to build a nation.


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